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what year is it again

what year is it again

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I know we have book clubs and such.

But what about fanfiction clubs? Can we do that?

Read something collectively?

Get together for tea and biscuits over webcam?

Discuss the gay?

discuss the gay

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I found this ‘starbucks’ post somewhere on tumblr.. forgot where and when and suddenly accidentally decided to make Sterek version! So here goes my Sterek artwork/comic aka  PART 1 for Sterek AU: How To Make The First Move by Derek Hale :D 

2nd Version

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*stranger mentions fandom in public*


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Found another cute Starbucks post online ohmyGod and I suddenly Sterek-ed!!! The 2nd version of my 1st version 

College/Coffee Shop AU- Nerdy/Hipsterish Stiles + Bad Boy Derek

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“He works with Captain America and follows him through this ordeal because he believes in him.” - Anthony Mackie.

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Steve crying after Bucky fell

What I love about this, is that this isn’t Hollywood crying (TM). This isn’t the single perfect manly tear of the hero, or the over the top Noooooooooo!!!!

This is real, ugly, in public and still can’t stop, tears down the nose, can’t breathe properly, awful crying.

And I love that we get Captain America doing it. Anyone who thinks Chris Evans doesn’t do an amazing job of portraying this incredibly human superhero, or Steve Rogers is a boring character in these films isn’t paying enough attention.

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If this was the first day of shooting with the Avengers assembled

That means that RDJ and Chris were standing next to each other

Filming Steve and Tony co-leading the team

Together  (✿◠‿◠)

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You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.